Advocating on behalf of Israel, the Jewish People and Canadian values

UJA’ Strategic Plan identified the importance of increased coordination to fight de-legitimization of Israel on college and university campuses. The Canadian Jewish community can be proud of the fact that Canada is widely considered to be one of Israel’s strongest and most reliable friends in the world. Canadian cross-party support for the people of Israel and the State of Israel is at an all-time high. Acting through our partners at the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs, our focus will be twofold: maintaining the positive momentum in Ottawa and translating it into wider areas of Canadian society. In particular, combating the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) on college and university campuses will be a key focus of our efforts. The below chart provides the number of attempted BDS initiatives versus the number of those initiatives that were defeated.

Number of BDS initiatives defeated2015 – 8 BDS initiatives were attempted of which 5 were defeated
2016 – 8 BDS initiatives were attempted of which 6 were defeated
Increased effectiveness of anti-BDS initiatives
Number of partnership initiatives with other groups and communities ( faith, ethnic, NGOs, unions)65Increased number of initiatives
Number of people engaged on policy issues via social media annually182,500Increased number of people
Number of community members who have engaged in advocacy campaigns24,600Increased number of community advocates