Belonging to a Jewish Community Centre

Why is this Important?

JCCs are both a destination for Jewish engagement and a portal to Jewish communal life. For some, the JCC is their singular Jewish home. For others, the JCC is one among many Jewish institutions that engage them as Jews. The very act of joining a JCC is an act of Jewish affiliation. JCCs promote Jewish life and the culture of the Jewish people.

What are the Trends?

About 11,000 individuals (adults and children) identified with a JCC membership in the GTA in 2014; a similar number were identified with a membership unit in 2015.1 The JCCs were able to add about 3,000 memberships units in 2015. Since the number of individuals identified with membership units remained essentially constant, it suggests a fair amount of turnover in membership.

What’s New?

The Miles Nadal JCC continues to implement its transformative work in ensuring that all aspects of its operation are inclusive of individuals with disabilities. The JCC Schwartz/Reisman Centre continues to offer innovative programs with a focus upon engaging Russians and Israelis living in York Region through such programs as J.Roots, Kachol Lavan Hebrew School, and others. The Prosserman JCC is readying itself for a continued expansion, with plans to build a new 106,000 foot facility in the coming years.

[1] While it is believed that most JCC membership units are Jewish households, no specific numbers are available.