Caring for Youth

Why is this important?

One measure of a caring community is the extent to which it creates an environment that strengthens all aspects of the health and well-being of youth and helps improve their quality of life. This dashboard includes measures relating to a range of support programs for youth aged 12-17 who require employment, mental health and addiction support.

What are the trends?

There was a slight decrease in the number of adolescents accessing services in 2015. We know there are wait lists, therefore, the need for service outweighs the current capacity to serve the most vulnerable in our community.

What’s new?

With the recognition of the need to provide additional supports to at risk youth in York Region, an innovative, multi-disciplinary approach was developed this year that includes career assessment, social connection and recreation programs, Jewish identity programs, academic success and coping skills programs, mentoring and planning for university applications.

How are we doing?

Within the context of flat or decreased government funds and increased demand for services, there is considerable pressure on the social service agencies to meet growing needs.