Economic Security, Jobs, Housing & Settlement

Why is this important?

One measure of a caring community is the extent to which it creates an environment that enables community members to be productive, contributing members of society. This dashboard includes measures relating to employment for adults, financial assistance, free loans, housing and the settlement of newcomer families.

What are the trends?

Need for community support to ensure security is increasing. We know there are wait lists, therefore, the need for service outweighs the current capacity to serve the most vulnerable in our community.

What’s new?

The development of an employment program to serve marginalized clients on financial assistance, new loan programs to support additional needs of low and middle income families and increased subsidies for rent assistance for those with low income will help meet additional needs in the community.

How are we doing?

Within the context of flat or decreased government funds and increased demand for services, there is considerable pressure on the social service agencies to meet growing needs.