Strong Connections to Israel

The Toronto Jewish community is internationally renowned for the strength, meaning and cohesiveness it derives from its relationship with Israel. But like Jewish communities worldwide, it has been increasingly exposed to criticism of Israel, as well as attacks designed to undermine Israel’s right to exist. Alarmingly, research indicates that growing numbers of young Jews are distancing themselves from Israel as a result of exposure to such global censure. In response, we have developed a number of high impact programs that are successfully engaging our future generations with their Israeli peers both in Toronto and in Israel. The shinshinim (Hebrew for young emissaries) project is but one example. We will work to ensure that every Jewish young adult has the opportunity to build a positive connection to Israel through a relationship with an Israeli counterpart. At the same time, we will deepen our level of philanthropic involvement in Israel. We will lever the impact of philanthropic work in Israel by expanding it to be an opportunity for engagement for local young adults with Israel.