Themes and Modules

Performance metrics reflect specific dimensions of community life that show the extent to which Toronto is a thriving, caring, connected Jewish community. Performance metrics are organized under five themes:


Jewish Engagement – Active engagement of children and adults in being Jewish, in Judaism, and in Jewish community life is an important dimension of a connected Jewish community.

Caring Community – Traditional Jewish values such as acts of loving-kindness (gemilut chasadim), are reflected in community-sponsored social services.

Israel Connections – Jewish Torontonians connect to Israel through personal commitment, communal involvement, philanthropy and visiting and living in Israel.

Advocacy and Volunteerism – Jews contribute their time and energy through advocacy and voluntarism within the GTA and beyond.

Communal Capacity – Strong leadership, generous philanthropy, as well as an efficient and effective communal structure are important dimensions of a thriving Jewish community.


Modules are subdivisions of themes and include groups of related metrics.

The Dashboard is being developed in an iterative approach — successive rounds build on the lessons learned in the previous round. Not all modules are being presented in the first iteration of the Dashboard.

Themes & Modules

Jewish Engagement
1Early Childhood Jewish Education
2Jewish Learning in Day Schools
3Jewish Learning in Supplementary Schools
4Jewish Day Camping Experiences (upcoming in 2017)
5Jewish Overnight Camping Experiences
6Jewish Identity of Teens
7Jewish Identity of Young Adults
8Belonging to a Jewish Community Center
9Belonging to a Congregation
10Engagement of Canadian Israelis
11Engagement of Russian-speaking Jews
Caring Community
14Caring for Families & Children
15Caring for Youth
16Caring for Adults
17Caring for Seniors
18Economic Security, Jobs, Housing & Settlement
Israel Connections
19Personal Engagement
20Communal Involvement
22Visiting and Living
Advocacy and Volunteerism
Communal Capacity