Vision and Mission

To ensure UJA’s role in building the capacity of the Jewish community to use metrics and data to drive decision making, measure impact, and determine its performance.


The Dashboard highlights areas where performance is improving or declining, providing opportunities for positive recognition and reinforcement as well as early warning about areas that need attention. Over 100 community organizations have contributed their data representing a giant step forward in ensuring UJA’s role in building the capacity of the Jewish community to use metrics to drive decision making.  This is a first step towards enabling data sharing and evidence-based decision making in our community. This first iteration of the Dashboard represents the beginning of a longer term process.

The Dashboard is not a “report card” on an individual agency, organization, institution, or program, but a tool for assessing the impact of the collective effort of the entire organized Jewish community on the quality of Jewish life within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).  Data contained on the Dashboard can be used to look at patterns, and an understanding of the breadth of organizations that serve the Jewish community of Toronto. Because of the early stage of the project and varying levels of data quality, it will take several years before it can be relied upon exclusively for planning purposes. There is however great excitement and anticipation about the first steps that are being taken in this direction.